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This website is dedicated to you, our value customers. We envisage to deliver the best products to improve the quality of your life.

We strive to "do more" so that your health will be in the good hand of the continual learning organisation like us. Wiith you proactively engage in the "do more" attitude, you will "feel better" with wonderful experience everytime you visit us and stand a better chance to "live longer".

 Brainstorm No. 1

Brain Storm No. 1. is the invented multi-nutrient formula. It has been used in the Chinese Hospital to protect and enhance the neurological function of their patients. Over the years, Brain Storm No. 1. has been improved in accordance with the latest research on the underlying causes of brain aging, brain injury and other neuro-dyfunctions.

Brain Storm No. 1. contains the latest natural ingredients shown to provide broad-spectrum protection against the multiple mechanisms involved in neurological degeneration and all that happened within very short time-frame, some were even within a short three months*.

It is also important to note that Brain Storm No. 1. has not found any side effects to date.

* Results may vary for different persons under different conditions.

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About Vilong Pharmarceuticals

Vilong Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd is established in Singapore. Our fundamental mission is to promote only the best products to deliver superior quality and value to lives we touch daily.

In Vilong Pharmaceuticals, we understand your body's basic building blocks and we help you to "do more" to "feel better" in order to achieve a better and healthy lifestyle so as to "live longer".

In Vilong Pharmaceuticals, we stand by all our products and we are confident that  they are the best Health Products for you and that your wonderful and life-long experience should start here.

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